by Gaye Hemsley
(New Zealand)

Jack climbed up the beanstalk
he wanted to find out
if at the very top
a giant was hanging out.

He armed himself with an axe
to cut away the branches
with a rope around his waist
best not to take any chances.

As he climbed to the top
strange sounds floated down
lots of feeing and a foeing
Jack's face took on a frown.

From what the chanting said
only English blood would do
as long as you're healthy
and haven't got the flu.

Now Jack was very pleased
he wasn't from UK
his land was from down under
many miles away.

Jack slipped on a branch
that wouldn't take his weight
his hands grabbed another
but alas! It was too late.

Swinging from a rope
was such a strange sensation
then he heard his mother's voice,
"Wake up! You'll wake the nation."

Jack sat up in bed
realising he'd been dreaming
his mother was concerned
when she heard all the screaming.

"Now hurry and get dressed
I've just had a call
the blood bank's in town
at the local hall.

Jack thought his mother's blood
went to people with pale skin
but she quickly told him
"We're all the same within."

She asked Jack to turn around
"There's something in your hair."
and right before her eyes
a green bean was lurking there.

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