by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

Life has many mysteries that affect men
One is the Japanese philosophy of Zen
Tranquility and peace can be often found
By creating a garden structured so profound.

They fit any climate and any variation of plant
Gardens for the mind body and soul to enchant
A Zen garden brings contentment as a side effect
With color and hard scape the spirit can connect.

Using white and pink blossoms where you can
Placing them in simple places around your land
The Japanese daisy works well or a flowering vine
Add smaller versions of blue green evergreen pines.

Water features are essential for the affect of tranquility
A transformation of the mind through simple humility
Ponds are a small area where Zen ‘nothingness’ abides
A philosophical metaphor where nothing else resides;

A Japanese bridge is used as a focal point and a must
Transporting you from one place to another to adjust
An escape from your troubled world to one of peace
A garden to shed negative energy you should release.

Venerability is highly regarded in Zen gardens of old
Maturity or dignity is represented by old pots I’m told
Gnarled tree trunks, the patina on old stone, a nice touch
The path of the ancients followed Zen to restore much.

It doesn’t take much space to create your peaceful place
It’s what you do with the space that creates inner grace
Listen to the sounds of nature as they lead you to peace
Tranquility, vitality and prosperity will be your increase.

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