Japanese Love Poetry

Contemporary Japanese Love Poetry differs from its classical predecessors in its more free flowing, experimental style. It is at times erotic, exceedingly sensual, tinged with drama, and pushes the outer boundaries of what was previously acceptable in a highly regimented art form. The new poetry is generally called calledgendai-shi , which loosely translates to "contemporary poetry". Poets such as Kusano Shimpei, Tanikawa Shuntaro and Ishigaki Rin fall into this category.

While the new forms are highly influenced by the introduction of American and European poetry into Japan after the Second World War, the traditional styles like waka and haiku were revived by poets such as Yosano Tekkan and Masaoka Shiki.

The writers at My Word Wizard have fallen in love with the work of a young Japanese poet named Daichi Matsui. He was kind enough to pen some original verses especially for us.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful examples of amorous poems from Japan.


You found me at my nadir
When despair attained new heights
I was cold to you
You drew me out
Made me feel
Nourished my soul
Made me love again

From Afar

I stare at you endlessly 
from afar.
Eager to approach.
I do not.
I know you by your newspaper,
Half crinkled,
Half covering the intense sensuality
of your eyes.
One eye glances toward me,
but not at me.
It surveys the sign above my head.
'Gōyā Chanpurū' it reads.
I have loved you
from our very first non-meeting.
You are kind to let me stare
at you for hours on end.
Graciously never acknowledging my gaze,
surely to save me from embarrassment.
‘Happy Birthday Mr. Yamashiro!’  
a waiter calls out in Okinawan.
It is your birthday,
A revelation
I pick up my purse
Place some money on the table
And walk out into the wintry night

Where Are You?

It was an early April Morning
Nearly thirty years ago
You were 8
And I, not quite 7
I fell off a swing,
bruised only slightly,
but a traumatic experience
for a little girl.
You, a red blooded boy,
hater of girls,
came to my aid.
You wiped the blood off my forehead
with your brilliant white shirt,
as I lay on muddied earth
'neath a cherry blossom.
Wounded, but secure in your care
I loved you then
I will always love you
Where are you now?


Two hands held tightly
Unconsciously welded together
Two lives now one
I am proud to walk with you
Overjoyed to share this world with you
My delight is abundant
My love sublime


High atop a vast ridge
I gaze at the world below
and think of you.
I always think of you.
My love is everlasting
My passion eternal.
These few precious moments alone
fuel my ravenous desire
For you.
They nourish my fervor,
For you.
Fan my fears
of losing you.
Kindness is your virtue
Inner beauty your advantage
Can I cling to one such as you?
Carry on with one like you
Love me and I will always love you

Poetry by Daichi Matsui
Historical information provided by Wikipedia

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