by John
(Windsor, Ontario)

Oh hello this is my exist
I climbed the monkey bars
now I am a complex riddle
I am a man
I am a warrior
I am defeated
Even with her love I still have scars
but she is not you
she will never be you
Forgive me I am a bloody sheet
Misrepresented without reprise
How my soul weeps
Jean how many times have I dreamed of you
a small town of Essex
little Dowswell...your cage
My love still burns for you
Hair like silk
Lips like a rose
Laughter sweeter than a babbling brook
Whoever you marry will be a lucky man
to have you to hold within the passing of sand
how I weep for my lost brothers
but I still dream of your smile
I will never love like I loved you
from afar but never without
dear Jean
my queen

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