Jene'as Revenge

by jenea <3
(flint, michigan.)

All the love my heart pored into
All the pain and hard times I went thru .
And you threw my love away like it was nothing!
How dare you ?
Talking all that slick shit..
Should have known you were bluffing.
Love didn't even get a chance to live.
At least not between us.
Now every time I see you,
I gotta tell my heart to shush.
I just cant believe I let you play me!
Never again, tho, cause that was shady.
My heart told me to go for it.
My brain told me don't be stupid.
But my mouth had already said the words that I swore I was thru with
It turned out he was never interested.
Never even my friend!
So I set out, out, to get my revenge.

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