Josh and My Sittin and Spittin Spot

by Richard Zuspan
(Henderson, Kentucky)

Close to the road into the woods
where we talk of fools and hoods,
watch for crickets and listen to cars
is a place that we simply called ours.

Talking manly things tween father and son,
planning the future and fishing for fun,
aptly describes this tree dimmed plot.
One that will always be my favorite spot.

That’s Josh and my sittin and spittin spot.

Years pass by but there time waits
for memories of our past never a waste.
Closeness between generations, found
wisdom traded both up and down.

Lessons I learned from a young thinking lad
brightened the old cobby thoughts I had.
Formed a bond never broken or pulled taut
and laid groundwork for generations yet thought.

At Josh and my sittin and spittin spot.

Whether or not he returns to it
He knows the import of a place to sit
With his son and learn the joy
Of spending time with his own boy

They’ll be together and talk and whittle
Dab some stones maybe fish a little
Listen to each others hopes and joys
And mention grandpa and just be boys.

Like Josh and my sittin and spitten spot

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