Journey of Life..!

by diksha
(delhi, india)

I am sitting and thinking hard about life:
How it changed from simple college life 2 strict professional life; How pocket money changed 2 huge monthly pay cheques,But gives less happiness;
How a few local jeans changed 2 new branded wardrobe,But less occasions 2 use them;
How a single plate of samosa changed 2 a full pizza,But hunger is less;
How a bike always in reserve changed 2 a car always on, But less places to go;
How a tea by roadside changed 2 CCD Barista,But it feels as if the shop is far away;
How a limited prepaid card in mobile changed 2 postpaid package, But we don't feel like using it;
How a general class journey changed 2 a flight journey, But less vacations 4 enjoyment n many more;
May be this is d truth of journey called LIFE..!

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