by Maria Voelker
(Wales, UK)


I shed my tears for you today – the story told, no one can say

For it was written before your time – to betray the Lord, just for a dime

Filled with sorrow in the end – the lives you took will never fend

If mercy will be granted you – is doubtful, known to but a few

You took no pleasure from the silver – and killed yourself with quite a shiver

Let no one judge you for this curse – a life so short, in vain you terse

For you were chosen in the end – and to his word, you must commend

The Lord will know why you were picked – forever known for the things you did

May God forgive you one day soon – and leave you not, in eternal doom

Your name is marked for eternity – for it has always been, your destiny

For once you were a brother ‘dear’ – repent and pray, let the Lord be near

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