by Nichole Oliver
(somewhere on earth)

What do you know about someone else?
Can you tell when they are happy?
Will you help if they are sad?
A close friend perhaps would,
someone that you think you understand,
someone who is also willing to help you,
when they are the ones who need more help than you.
You think people are happy and nice,
but you know nothing of the things they hide.
You think she is weak, because she can't carry things well.
You think he is stupid, because he can't read.
You make fun of them, because you think they aren't normal.
And you praise yourself because you think you are better...
Always making people feel more guilty for themselves because you think you are the lucky one.

Then, one day,
you come to realize, that the girl you made fun of for being lonely,
she cries every day when she goes home, thinking of her deceased parents.
The boys you taunted for being gay,
one of them hung himself overnight.
And the man next door you sneered at because you thought he took drugs,
slashed his throat yesterday.

You think you know these people,
but you don't.
You think that they want you around,
but they don't.
You think that we'll forgive you
maybe we will, maybe we won't.
You think that you'll see them again...
but this time,
you wont.

Stop judging,
you know nothing.

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