by Erin Brounce
(Belle Vernon, Pa)

A wonderful friend,
A girl who could make you smile or laugh,
Was always there for you no matter what,
She helped everyone even if
there wasn't anything in it for her,
A very beautiful young girl,
But inside something was killing her very slowly.
In her body a young 13 year old girl,
Taken away from me.
My best friend my sister my guardian angel.
She lays in God's hands now.
But why?
A beautiful girl taken away from this Earth.
The good ones die young but why this young.
13 years old is too young to be taken away from her friends and family.
She loved giraffes.
Now in heaven she is riding them
and playing with them.
Everything in her eyes is purple
her favorite color.
A friend is gone now
but she is in my heart and guides me.

Julia Reana Balciak is my guardian angel.

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