by Shirley Munafo
(Cincinnati, Ohio)

Have you ever felt like a leftover?
You have lots of company, I'm sure
But that doesn't always help us, does it?
That feeling is so very hard to endure

They say that misery loves company
Just exactly, what does that mean?
Knowing others hurt the way you do
Does that say we will feel Peachy Keen?

Birds of a feather flock together
Another questionable phrase
I prefer to say something else
And it works with the passing of days

Out of sight out of mind is more like it
No reminders to keep pain alive
If that is all I wanted I could find that
By messing around an active B-hive

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Is a contradiction to my workable phrase
But if I got hung up on all that gibberish
I'm only prolonging my miserable days

No sight, no mind, to the thoughts that hurt
Can be done if you're truly willing for relief
But only you would know yourself better
To know if you want to jump that barrier reef.

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