Just a Dream

by Sarah Sisson
(Worthington, Ohio)

You and I dance through the wind,
Singing along to the lovely radio tune.
Us, holding each other, un-sinned.
We should get going soon,
But we just gracefully keep going,
On and on, until we see the moon.
It slowly starts to rise,
We sit gently on the deep green grass,
You are my greatest prize,
We looked deeply into one each other's eyes.
Yours a light blue that I cannot resist,
Mine a dark brown that shines.
You put your hand around my wrist,
Then whispered in my ear “Will you be mine?”
Suddenly, something happened.
I felt a cold breeze come in,
Everything started to blacken.
I tried to look at your face, no longer a grin.
I then opened my eyes,
I realized, nothing is ever as it seems.
This was a big surprise,
Everything was just a dream.

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