Just Another Broken Heart

by Addy B.
(henderson, KY)

You left me stranded
no where to turn
you hung my heart up on a rope
you took it for a ride
beat it with a stick
my eyes will never cry
just as long as you are watching
you have broken my heart
not anything unusual to me
but the words you said
they stung like bees
my heart will remain broken
until I speak to you again
I miss your words
even though they stung
I miss your smile
even though it was often fake
just give me a chance to make things right again
and I'll be there till the end
my heart might be broken
but I will never stop loving you

Author's Note:
A poem to my dear friend who recently stopped talking to me I don't know why but I hope this gets to him some how. thank you for reading my poem I'm only 12 so I'm sorry that it does not rhyme I had no time nor the patients to deal with that and right it to my hearts content. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day or a great night.

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