Just Right

by Eliza Jane Gomez
(South Florida, USA)

(For My Midnight Sun....)

Cuddle me close a little longer
into your chest, and hold me tight;
smile against my half-closed eyelids,
kiss my freckles soft and light.

I've never dreamed in all my lifetime
I could feel love deep as this.
I am complete, I am at peace--you
have giv'n me this most priceless gift.

Your rugged hands stroke back the day's tears
and hold mine gentle in the night.
You sing to me 'til I am laughing
and twirl me, dance with me just right.

I thank God each day for you--I found you--
my true soul mate and dearest friend.
I blush and giggle when I realize
our love's forever-- will never end....

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