Just Tonight

by I'm Fine
(A Night in Spain)

Just tonight I met you
Just tonight I saw you
We danced by the fire
You just took me higher
When we kissed I felt it
From my hair to my feet
This wave of happiness
But now it's just a mess
It had no true meaning
It was only kissing
If I saw you again
I would still feel this pain
For me it still mattered
And my heart was flattered
That you chose me tonight
So I did take a bite
Of this forbidden fruit
Since I found you so cute
I want to be with you
And to start something new
But you're so far away
I won't see you today
Not tomorrow either
I could wait forever
But I can't wait for you
I will leave, make it through
I know that you won't wait
I know I'm not your fate
But please meet me again
And free me from this chain
Just stay with me one night
And let me kiss you right
You will never forget
This french guy that you met
Just tonight I met you
Just tonight I saw you
Now we're saying goodbye
Away our love will fly
But I'll come back for you
If you still want me to

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