Fashion models really strut their stuffs, you know. Cat walking gracefully down exquisitely designed runways.
Don't blame them; they have the most ambient conditions and a fat pay to keep them going.
Very much unlike Life's Runway, where conditions are anything but favorable.

I bet only very few of those models that grace our TVs, will perform elegantly for hours on end if the runways were to be bumpy or slippery.
How many can climb mountains under the scorching sun, or walk gracefully along muddy paths on a rainy day.

It's funny, but that is what characterizes real life's runway. And the supermodels are those who go through all that, with their smiles intact. I mean genuine smiles that really reach their eyes.

They keep their gait graceful by modeling beautiful virtues in the most clumsy of circumstances. For it is in the dark, that the impact of light is best appreciated.

Having a graceful gait is about keeping a right attitude wherever we are, on life's runway, aiming towards fulfillment.

Life is a runway, with diverse paths, depending on One's destiny. Our gait, as we walk down the runway depends on us, not on the circumstances around us.

So, let us keep our gait graceful, when hell freezes over, and we have to catwalk in ice paradise.
When we decide to walk taller, but instead sink deeper.
When we trip, after being so sure of our footing.
When our face contorts in pain, as we agonize over our sore toes.

Let us keep our modelesque look intact by:

WEARING COMFORTABLE SHOES. We don't have to inconvenience ourselves in six-inch heels for the sake of approval, when we aren't even smart enough in four-inch heels. Of course it takes faith to dream big, but courage to start small, and consistency to grow bigger
...Let us throw our shoulders back, and our chests out. Let us brace ourselves for whatever challenge that may come our way. Let's walk as if it were impossible to trip.

We have weaknesses alright. Yet let's capitalize on our strength. Let's take the steps one after the other, with each, commanding and loaded with energy and attitude, to kindle like fire among our spectators.

However, if in spite of these, we still trip, either on the rocky path of setting up a business, or the mountainous climb of getting a degree or in the miry clay of loss and heartache, we can still dare to recover gracefully.

We can dare to build an edifice with the crooked but precious stones that line the rocky path, we can dare to use the experience of the rough climb to the mountain to strengthen our character in preparation for greater challenges ahead. We can take the time in the miry clay to appreciate and savor the sweetness of life, the melodious songs of the birds, and the glorious bloom of the flowers - to just bask in the aura of being privileged to take another breath.

So, fellow Supermodels. Let's captivate our audience with our poise and grace. There are Cameras everywhere, and our Fans are making decisions about buying what we model from our client.

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