Keeping Promises

by Madhavi

Keeping Promises is tough,
sidetracking is easy enough;
scrapping the promise,
in its initial phase;
making excuses for days,
are all responsible to stray.

Writing one's promises,
taping it to mirror in ease;
making it a part of
morning-ritual to be proud of;
taking action in the present,
inventing no reasons unpleasant;
for, it is but self-sabotage
frivolous acting in camouflage!

Never breaking a promise,
'made to one self that is',
or it will be just wandering,
in a la-la land drifting,
aimlessly ending up pending.

Reminding oneself of 'promises',
when one tends to ignore 'practising';
tending to getting sidetracked;
ruining one's success on life's track.

Instead, having a purpose made-up,
planning and holding on to, and coming up,
with a real tangible plan, bucking up.

Eliminating the 'energy drains',
that let's one 'withhold',
from 'keeping promises in brain'!

Promising to eat healthy,
not to eat stealthy;
to watch less TV,
and be more savvy.

To read more,
to learn more;
even to wake up early,
not lay late in bed daily!

Promises made to create,
a better life to rate;
by adding something good,
or throwing something bad.

Promises made based-off,
'emotion' will drift off;
once that 'feeling' fades,
and reality sets in loud;
that promise is broken,
forever in mere token.

Going after the promises,
not to allow its early demise,
'everytime following through,
a promise to oneself'!

Getting an self-esteem enormous,
inner voice saying in chorus,
'I am a winner' and rise!

Experiencing an endorphin rush;
through the body push,
getting addicted to this,
wonderful inner drug in bliss!

Wanting to repeat it again,
and again and again and again!

Making small promises,
not the 'ones' in high 'doses',
'which' can put self esteem,
in the gutter never to redeem!

Always 'keeping the promises',
'following through the promises',
'activating' 'I am a winner' 'feeling',
Getting addicted to promises fulfilling,
'I promise to myself that--------------!'

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