Killing Loneliness

by Preston McAllister
(Prescott, AZ)

Plagued by nightmares, I awake to deathly fears.
My soul, trapped inside the subcutaneous layer of hell
with despair settling in, my mind shutters, and with tears,
I grab my solace and cut into the evil til my soul is expelled

With my soul reclaimed, I know it's not the same
This new soul has been tainted with venomous evils
for the demon inside me will not be tame
I've lost control as each stroke of my blade signals a sequel

The darkness hath consumed my mind.
Through tears of blood, and wrists of crimson,
I need H.I.M, to break me free from my killer bind.
Help me, before my body slices into poison.

Your ballads of sorrow heal my wound,
my life is no longer a waste
with you by my side, I reach for the moon
thanks to you helping me rehabilitate

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