Killing Zaria Fly With A Sledgehammer!

by Folorunso Fatai Adisa
(Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.)

Booming bombs shatter our peace
Sleeping with one eye closed
As the clock chimes tragedy
Killing our own brethren with our own bare hands

Buried in unmarked graves with neither fanfare nor garlands
Sporadic gunshots rent the air
Shiites rubbing shoulders with trigger-happy soldiers

Several souls massacred without mercy
Bloodbath in Zaria and Kaduna
El-Zakzaky, hounded, wounded and hunted like enemies of the state

Stench of bloody human flesh
The heart beats with trepidation
Earth quakes in protest
For another retaliation is imminent

Muhammad Yusuf,extra-judicially murdered
Like Shakespearean Macbeth
Northeast murdered sleep

Buildings erupt into showers of rubble
The 'home' is no longer a place of comfort
Transformed into a place of terror and hatred

Man's inhumanity to humanity
Season of Sectarianism is here
Setting the sky ablaze every now and then
Inferno of brutality pervades the homeland

Fire, fire everywhere but none for barbecue.

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