King of My Mind

by Amanda Blanchard
(North Carolina)

I am the king of my mind
and hold the grains of imagination
that flow through the cerebral skies
of the vast wastes of my thoughts

my crown flickers and flashes
burning my eyes
making me see things
that aren't even there
but makes them so

what wasn't there is now
what never existed is needed like
never before

my kingdom swells with dreams untold
and walls unbroken

let's dance in the void and swallow
the food for thought seeping in ropey veins
quenching my melting brains

break through the mental chains and
collapse the tower dungeons holding
our voices mute

we can only hold the pressures so
long before they burst
until I conquer what is mine and take
all that belongs to us
and give it to the rightful world

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