King pin!

by Ashley Acelinger
(Dalton Georgia)

King and Queen acelinger estates

King and Queen acelinger estates

My king pin
It's the weakest moments that I find my strength in you it's the strongest moments that I find my weekneeses
Easily overcoming then threw the very person that is before me
every passion every memory every second simply devoured by times very essences
held within your eyes
there's not a moment that
goes by that I cannot stop thinking about you
even in the hardest times I know where my king pin stands holding up my shield standing tall and bold
I know where my mastery folds and I know where my sword is kept in thy hand you hold as you are my knight in shining armor
you are my everything
my ever being
my every moment
my every passion
For it's these things that I hold dear
Acknowledging my king
And keeper of my heart
it's the only things that Hold Me Together from the start
I thirst for the moment that I quench my mouth from you cI starve for the moment that I
hunger you
craving for every moment that we spent together
until the time that we are blessed and bound as one
ohh I've waited for you all night in my room alone sometimes
yes I will cry for you and yell out in sorrow
but know that I stay strong knowing that one day you will be here to wipe all my tears away kill my foes and our enemy's ...
I cannot wait for the moment and I stand strong until then because I know with out a concern or worries believe
You my knight in shining armor
Is my king pin to come and save my heart for it's you my king holds my heart.. I'll wait for ever until I die for my king pin my Ride Or Die!
Quickly arrive our empire awaits on us to accommodate!

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