Knight is Coming

by Subashen Naidoo
(Durban, South Africa)

The Knight from afar
Travelling distances and covering the earth
Leaving footprints but no presence
Keeping you in his thoughts
Pressing forward beyond doubt
Dusting himself up after hindrances

You're a captive stuck in the arms of a stranger
Finding the flaw in you every day
Giving you misrepresentation of love
Gurgling you in false pretense
You are in danger

Boulders that stand in the way
It is time to arise and push forward
For indeed the knight draws near to your fray.
His reckoning moment is here
If you don't find him, he will fight for you.

For when hope is lost
Remember your knight is here
It is worth the cost
Patience will prevail.
Sadness escapes as Happiness travails
The Knight will take you away
You are the princess in his day...

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