Ladies and the luck

by John Smallshaw
(London, England)

I am the chip off the block
A shock to the staid
The life of the laid back.
'I alright Jack'

National health
International wealth
I have the key to it all
The cards just need to fall..

In these shambles this rambler makes believe
That this gambler can achieve..
Immaturity in this..though, this next deal I can't miss..
Four aces.

Three places away..Tens and the way out is sealed.
The cards have been dealed
Hard as it seems
I have to undress my dreams and put them to bed
Then the next thought occurs..the ball's landing in red..
..and I'm fed my back teeth
Which is known locally as bad gamblers grief.

Take a chip off this old block and place it on odds
Fate and those other sods conspire
To make me comes up an eight..
..blasted fate.

I'm going to go to a rehab
Have a stab at normality
Another form of immortality?
Let's see.

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