Lady Killer

by Zebra Black
(Amhurst ma usa)

I'm a lady killer
to take her through
the mirror of life
a kissing syringe
blood ritual in Gotham
with a long waiting list

eagerly she presents her preferred
instruments of dispatch
as she wanders into my mind
through a circus of vampires
like a drugged eye ball
arriving early
excited to be comforted by death

im making her wait
not meaning to be rude
with so much
filing, faxing, emailing, and calling
in this cathedral of addiction
as I play with myself
thinking of a soap opera seppuku
to get off

ready to lose her self
in dizzying emancipation
from a wrapped throat
in sparkling battery cable
and tormented red mouth gasps

tear glazed
for the apocalypse of her depraved lust
she caresses boa constrictor extremities
that turn a brain to froth

stroking her hair
she dampens at the sight
of rust tarnished daggers
and a black fanged Golgotha
that entice swinging hips
and open legs

in the mood to bleed a bit
a tantalizing appetite wetter
nipple hors d'oeuvre served up
she whispers how wet you make me
like a sponge soaked moon
while we have another coffee
and the tippy toe leg show
her nails painted a different color each
like xylophonic chromes

she dido-ishly fingers
the inside of her mouth
between moistened thighs
while I finish the therapy reports
blow by blow degradation

after watching
Dark Corners Crazy Bitch Films
she says
"Stupid girl.
The moment the ziptie would tighten around my neck
i would take my shirt and panties off
and go masturbate
in front of a mirror
so i can enjoy the final moments"

i will dress you for
assisted sexicide
fashionista blouse
stained panties and silk stockings
for the send off
in silver skeleton cufflinked incised nipples
and the body bag you so lovingly sewed together
between finger fucks
as if I had already climbed inside of her

let me know your favorite room
"bathrooms are hot"

head first please
and leave my ass out to be admired
for a state funeral gang bang

just your average
blood stained fuck dummy
with vacant grace,
and red oozy kisses

she hisses no ones looking
do me like elaborations of
Fellini's Satryricon
at the Gates of Sodom
she begs for savage death rights
knowing how pretty her pose
with out stretched toes
in a black cauldron
of tropical hemic Vaseline
will mesmerize

saying do you like me
like this , like that
butt up banana split
with a blood cherry yoni
and a spoon of gruyere
lick butter

look into my peepers
kiss me tenderly
lose control of your
wet viscous
wiping saliva tongue

then through the rectum
i pierce the clit
open the intestine
spread like a thousand islands

ransack the brain
edit the history
bouncy bouncy
from grave yard and spirt box broadcast

and remember
your sick disgusting orgasms are a sacrifice

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