Lagrange finds a home

by Jack sorenson
(Gilroy ca)

Lagrange past,
Of so many of my past sins he speaks of will they so there illness plight on parnormallidka thoughts.
Of all that I can hear is screaming souls aloud come too pass to my ears Lagrange remiss.

The past decriped souls of man handed over to the devil, rather to go to Heaven.
Lagrange says that we’re I is always summon to be.

With a faint tone of such fear in their cry’s Madness, may I have become
To be placed the week man in madnesses in mind.
By for myself I remained stilt watching closely of my works evil as they may be.
They only can not believe but it’s too real to believe,they all gone mad.

But not l’ve heard this before in my darken thoughts coming in strong.
I can see their innocence As the behavior will change.
Only the darkness of the sins they committed, Tell now lie when convented.
I can see so clearly, it’s to real to imagine
But a Demand like me see this without a laughter and a tear to my eyes.

Thats were no one can see before ownce they are aways to belays Dow into the darkness.
Locked away in a small cell Terra comes daily into my prison minds .
In all those humans minds to I play games with them.
In all that I have induced by my madness of my evil bidding.
and what I have become, is possible, gone mad,

What I have done to some in my time in the life, I led was bad
someone like me that no one can see any longer,will be around to remember.
But the screaming souls,going off to Hell,
Aloud and only madness now as I sat listing in the darkness .
Of Terra to my demised of so many lost week souls.

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