Last Night Over Tea

by Angelo Niles
(San Diego)

(Inspired by Sting’s "Tea In The Sahara")

An obvious mischief at play,
when two souls up to chat
aristocrats of a sort; we two
gathering to meld our politics
in that foggy English style
let’s sip this midnight dew.

But don’t drink too fast,
it might burn your pretty lips.
Take it slow as Sunday,
and taste the sweet rose hips.
I’m not talking the leafy kind;
this brew will blow your mind.

The tea’s hot and there’s nothing to do.
Black leaf stranger than brew.

What shall we say when they ask:
who’s that young man in blue,
the one whose laughter seeps like ether
into our curiosity’s chamber.
Just tell them he’s the boy
you offered a bit of tea for two.

At daybreak we’ll sneak out
into the sharp glow on Tuesday;
one cat as sly as another,
our steamy tea party for two.
And when they ask his name
just tell them shyly. . .
"Black leaf’s stranger than brew."
Ooh, girl, oh yes it’s true.

The tea’s hot and there’s nothing to do.

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