Last Night

by Kimbaline Navas
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

Hello Love,
how are you doing?
Last night I wiped the tears from your eyes
but they did not stop,
I looked over your shoulder
and I saw you were holding a picture of us
and I realized at that point
you can not see me,
I know you can feel my presence
I am still here with you.

I listened to your cries
and I can feel the sorrows
that you are holding inside
but please remember
all the good years that we shared
and never forget I will always love you.

Last night I walked into the room
and you were there looking off into space
as if you had just lost your best friend,
my heart started to hurt for you,
I never meant to make you cry,
I never meant to just up and die,
I never meant to hurt you
if I could have made it easier for you I would have because I love you that much.

This world is only for a short moment
then we all must move on,
the people that we leave behind
it is only a matter of time
before we are joined together again
but for you I will sit and wait.

Last night as you fell to sleep
I held you just a little longer
as I felt the tears roll from your eyes
on to the sheets,
I could feel you dream of me
and how our life turned out
as you utter those words
why did you leave me,
why did you have to go?
I moved in closer
and whisper into your ear
I love you
and I will never leave your side

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