Leaving Me To Wonder

by Napenig
(Land o' Lakes, FL.)

This always ends up the same,
who should I blame
or do I just claim
I'm the source of the shame
the face without a name
left out in the rain
the heart that resides in the center of pain
here to leave a mark on this world
no better yet a stain
no point to complain
taking straight shots to the brain
I used to feel this life had gone astray
but it's finally arranged
I am slightly deranged
engulfed by the strange
once they come into range
open the rib cage
then move to the final phase
the place that it starts
breaking strings to the heart
world torn asunder
now I'm taking you under
to feel the rain hear the thunder
it's yet another blunder
leaving me to wonder
always leaving me to wonder

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