Let Me Sing

by Dennis Brad Kunguru
(Nairobi Kenya)

Somewhere within your heart
A candle burns bright
Within your heart it glows
Your sweetness within me flows
Just like the waters of the Nile.
It draws me closer
Closer to your clandestine haven!
I’m captured by the flames of your beauty
A woman so precious and witty!

Passions haunt me day and night
Blissful dreams abound
Though I still feel you around
To you I’m forever bound
To you I’m sacredly trapped.

Let me sing to the hills and mountains
Let me sing to the rivers and oceans
Let me sing to the universe
For in you lies my window of hope
In you I’ll fly to the highest top
And sing you sweet melodies
So you may feel and believe
That the songs I sing
Come deep down my soul.

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