Let's Work It Out

by BeautyBlueEyes
(Florence, SC)

I love you
but do you love me?
I find myself thinking that lately

Why don't you answer your phone?
What am I doing wrong?
I still ask these questions
Knowing I wont get a true answer

Tell me is it to much pressure
for one to take?
I love you so much
but yet my heart aches

Please tell me, where did we fall apart?
Why cant we just forget the old
and make a new start?

I know you have issues
that's not a problem
I still want to be with you and love you

You've been hurt so much
That you don't know who to trust
I understand

Just give me a chance
because right now you're pushing me away
With every bad choice you make

I ask of you just to please stop
Baby let's work it out

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