Letter to my Ex

by Tijjani Grema Mustapha

Just saw the person,
but unfortunately was in a dream.
I wish dreams were real,
but I wish for few.
You left and leave without
a glance at a picture of mine.
I ran to catch some wheedle words
that are being saved in my brain,
but couldn't catch up.
You left and leave with the whole of you,
only the name that eases the
mind of mine was left.
I was engaged with my thoughts
and got married with loneliness.
I wish you would be back
to continue the journey of life, with me.
I missed you like
the past joyful days of all being.
No matter how loud I called,
no matter how fast I ran,
I couldn't catch up your mind.
I believe it is somewhere else
dwelling on its comfort.
I wish you the best of life my dearest.
I love you and will forever.

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