Letting Go

by Danie Chen
(New York, NY)

I placed all of my tears and pain,
Into a locked box and watched the rain...
Wash it down the river and through the woods to never be seen again.
It was the end of loving a boy,
now believing in a man.
No, he would not be here to "save me" with the money in his pocket nor success he had achieved.
But be by my side to cherish, hold and wear his heart on his sleeve.
While time passes away,
People come & go astray.
For my love, hope & faith I pray.
I move on with my life as the leaves fall from trees,
While people die, and babies begin to breathe.
I am finding my emotion,
My true life's calling & devotion.
Growing as a woman, one day to be a wife.
I am letting go of worry, letting go of him & learning to live my life.

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