Letting Go

by Wabil Janjua
(Sharjah , U.A.E)

Every time I close my eyes
your face flashes by,
every time i see your face
my heart starts to cry.

wasn't it enough for you
to rip out my heart and place it at your feet
how cruel can you be
not to even recognize this enormous feat

I try ever so hard to wipe out your memories
our first kiss
the last dance
and everything in between.

But somehow
I always get surprised
at the pulling in my chest
when I know you're coming by

if this feeling does prove anything
it's not everything
is gonna change with time
you're still mine

so now I see it wasn't you
it was all because of me
those harsh words
those drunk quarrels, all this had to be

but seeing as how I suffer now
please give me another chance
your presence completes me
your scent breathes in life

so please prove to me your mercy
those showers you held open for so long
coz today I plead for my misery
your misfit, so tired and gone..... <3

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Jun 02, 2012
not a misfit...
by: S.K

who says youre a misfit???no ones a misfit...if your mind says you are a misft,peek into that beating organ in your chest,and repeat the question...Lets see what happens....

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