Letting Go

by Wabil Janjua
(Somewhere on Earth)

To forget about my past
to forget all that happened last
to erase that memory
of a friend that stood so fast

it's my fault today
she suffers this way
I'm so helpless, bound, desperate
I wish I could carry her away

I see faces around me
full of joy
yet I only feel her sorrow
I don't want to enjoy

she spends her nights crying
I spend them praying
hands held high, pleading
begging more than praying

I ask for her happiness
even if it costs my life
cause letting go, my dear angel,
is going to take a strife

I was born a symbol
of hopeless misery
I will even die
ever so lonely

but you, my dear angel
carry on without me
to the world unexplored
all those people instead of me

the friends you make
the days you see
peaceful, calm and happy
for they won't have me

I feel like I've been stabbed
that blade through my heart
but my soul doesn't leave
it's the pain that I sought

there's nothing left but dying
blood stained all my memories
all those words, unsaid,
come now so clearly

was it wrong to keep you happy?
how was it a sin?
I don't count it that way,
a mistake I'll commit again

I want to ask you for another chance
but oh! I'm so scared
I don't want you to suffer again
your hands and feet bared

is it just hard for me
or can you not forget me too.
I write all these verses
without any hope of them reaching you

so now dear friend, no more pretend
I am the one most unfit
the one with whom you can never stick
the one and only, your MISFIT

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Sep 27, 2017
loving can hurt
by: red

i like the content. it breaks my heart, truly
"loving can loving can hurt sometimes but its the only thing that i know." keep writing, keep inspiring people to express their feelings through writing. good luck!

Jun 04, 2012
let go..
by: S.K

They say that if you truly love something let it go..If it comes back to you,it was,is and will be yours...IF it doesn't,it was never meant for you...Maybe you might have something better in store..

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