Letting Go


The days go by
Slower and slower
Trying to stay busy
It's not quite that easy

You're on my mind,
Almost all of the day
I try to fight the thoughts
But I just have so much to say

I don’t want you out of my life
I want you all the way in it
But the way we have been acting
Makes me want to just quit it

That’s the reason I said what I said
I wish I could change it
I miss the way we used to be
All smiley and giddy.

Now we cant even look at each other
Days pass without even saying hi
It hurts to know where this has come
Its like all that’s left is goodbye

Today is the last day
To see you till November
And after today things change
And all that we have, is to remember

Remember all the good times,
Remember all the pain,
Remember all the inside jokes
And kissing in the rain

My trip to visit you
Was the highlight of my year
Just to have it shoved in my face
Two days after that it became clear

It was no longer you and me
But now you and her
It just became so complicated
The complete opposite of sincere

More tears and more angst
More yelling and longer nights
More cussing and swearing
and seemed like endless fights

the nights got worse
and the fights got deeper
soon enough to know
that she was not a keeper

your heart was broken
and you got a little taste of what it was like
but not all of what you put me through
not even half of my life

it made distance between us
and life wasn’t the same
I tried to help
But nothing kept you sane

And now we are, where we are
And nothing can change that
Its time to move on
and forget the fact

that we used to be so close
and now we are nothing
our time has passed
simply into something

something so different
we've never experienced
but its time for something new
and I know you feel it too.
It's time to let go.

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