by Esther Thornburg
(Cantril, Iowa USA)

There is liberty in loving things you do.
Restore the little old car
With mail-order parts from afar

Then what do you know, off we go
In itself, an educational tool
Two husky farm boys off to school

Make effective timing for farm chores
Project in the shop and more
Transportation one could afford

Imagine the football coach's eye
Players he could prize
The game was not their desire

Old car was a little small
Big boys husky and tall
Hardly room for one and all

There were days old car stalled
Built memories to be recalled
Made problems to be solved

Years went by, viewed by other eyes
Not ready to part with this prize
Some friends seemed to wonder why

A stranger from far away
Came by one day
Succeeded in taking old car away

Too far away to return
He must learn to repair
Keep, maintain and share

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