Life As We Know It

by Amber Goldfish

Life is a gift, unwrap with awe
Life is a stage, perform with formidable prowess
Life is a school, attend all classes and skip no lessons
Life is a privilege, take it not for granted but live it wisely
Life is a jungle, fight tenaciously to survive but be fair
Life is a test, do not be ensnared neither fall prey to its traps
Life is a journey, travel light without excess baggages
Life is a quiz, of which most answers you do not know but keep living anyway
Life is a song with a different tune for different folks, dance only to yours
Life is a process, make not haste to transit to the next stage; be patient and let it unfold
Life is a dream which you are in control of, so dream very big and be brilliant at what you do
Life is a sport, sometimes you walk or run but other times you jump
Life is a message simply summarized; do unto others as you would have them do to you
Life is beautiful, so enjoy with all gratitude
But if you ask me what life is?
I would say Life is simply Life
Take it not too seriously if you must live to live it
Life is tough....and so are you!

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