Life from " The Philosophy of Thinking " Duc du Clos

by Duc du Clos
(nJ USA)


I look around and it's full of wondrous choices
Choices bordered by endless temptations
Temptations under which my simple soul should succumb
Succumbing is still yet, not a choice I care to contemplate
Contemplating living is a debt I owe to my family
Family for which I count the days of my existence
An existence in a society demanding more than I can give
I give the kindness from my heart with endless pleasures
The pleasure I receive is expressed in the smiles of others
Others may chose not to accept it in return, yet I know
Returning the kindness is not a reason for its giving
Giving all of me I will continue to eternally do
In doing so, I will hope to live a simple life
A life lent to me by a creator to whom I am grateful
Grateful to accept living and all its surroundings
I surround myself by those in whom I trust
Trusting will come along with strangers on my path
A path adorned with the beauty in all I find
Finding the strength to express my gratitude for life
Life of all, life for all and all of life we should share
Sharing the great legacy of living
For living is not a choice, but a wonderful gift from above
And that's life, even when it comes to its end
It's still ...LIFE

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