Life goal

by Kalpana gupta

Someday this week
I promise I'll go out
Maybe walk on the streets
Stroll around Town
Then I'll sat on a bench
At the Snake Road
Sipping soda to quench-
My thirst, while hanging out with a goat
Staring at cows, at the field of grass
Waiting for the time to pass

The clock strikes two!
I need to go!
Leaving the field, the cows and the goats
So I'll ride a bus
Heading to a small city
Which I often visit

The clock strikes four!
I'm right on time!
I stared at the sea
And there's a cafe nearby
I ordered tea and some biscuit

Hanging out here in a small city
Which I visit sometimes
It's where I can forget
Everything that I regret
This is the end of the rhyme


Staring at the beautiful sunset
Probably one last time...

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