Life It's Mine.

by Leighton
(Queensland, Australia)

Realising the lies in my life I’m finding, negative misleading is easily believed in. And to neglect defence against anguish is to upset the nest from which we built out of our best intentions. Select the next track which best reflects the line in which our life is set.

Never forget that it is a test don’t let this get you. You know you own your own body that others overcome, up from underneath I’ll reach up to the top, on me you tried to frown and know you know I’ll never let me down.

And a fault you won’t find in the defence of mine but I’ll savor that time when you go ahead and try. Pleading for me to see the side where I lay-ed dormant the mean streak in me, and still you feel the need to think I’m better off chopped right at the knees.

Why no reasons, no explanations, think I feel only just frustration. Bet you wonder why, from broken trust and lies arise reasons for me feeling like I’ve just been cut left bleeding, please hear me.

You mean to fold me you try and minimize me, a behind attack but I spin round and fuckin' knock you straight back. That you can’t handle, now I see all, what you brought, what you used, the structure in me you tried to break in two. Before this you made all the calls, finally my turn to break and make you fail.

Me you can’t bring down, me you can’t reach and for you I hold no company, now pleasure remains and hate fades away, that attack you gave failed. Blatantly send schemes in direction of me. And you send tension hopefully to see you push me off the edge, but I tell you I’ll fight more, no less.

The harder you push I just resort your dead looks and your insane thoughts. For this the source the cause of my force and you come back for and you ask why, do I do this and tell you I’ve had enough of you feeding me shit.

And I’ve missed all the bliss of peacefulness. And I hope when I wish that it’ll burn to a crisp, and if it is what is next, it has been so long, won’t know what to expect, just accept have thanks for the respect that’ll get.

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