Life of a Teenage Girl.

by Channa

Many know what its like,
to be just a teen.
But my life,
nobody has ever seen.
The past haunts me
like a repeating dream.
The girl you see,
is not who she seems.

Her smile says she is fine
yet her eyes show her pain.
Why do people pick on her,
what do they think they gain?
Take one look at her,
and tell me what she appears to be.
Who knows what lies behind those eyes,
maybe you will see me.

The past is only a mere memory,
at least in my eyes anyway.
But that past repeats itself
each and every day.
The things that were ever said to me
I will never forget.
Yet most things I say and do,
I will forever regret.

My life I have lived in my fears,
My heart set me to tears.
Even the searing gaze of her peers,
changes how she appears.

Her life torn down,
her smile now a frown.
she is laughed at like she was a clown
looks like life has let her down.

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