by Chhaya Mandal
(Faridabad ,India)

Life is to live,
learn to forgive.
Life is full of ups and downs,
sometime happiness,sometimes frowns.
Life is a struggle,
but not a muggle.
With so many events taking place,
with some dullness and some grace.
Life's statistics can't be told,
no one has the power to hold.
Sometimes scoldings, sometimes praise,
it's a life's single stage.
Sometimes unwanted things,
this is what the next stage brings.
Sometimes life's glorious,
sometimes mysterious.
Some incidents bring change,
developments of nature very strange.
Life bring challenges,
pretense of mere inches.
Sarcastic things happening,
it is the onset of new beginning.
For everyone life has a different meaning,
for me it's the melody to sing.

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by: aditya

Its like a melody and a short and lovely rhyme of life.I loved and appreciate from bottom of my HEART.

by: jasneet

achhi hai!

simple n Good poem
by: Anonymous

It's a 4 n half pointer (out of 5) Your poem's really good (especially considering your age and if I'm right it's one of your stater poem ) Simple and well rhymed . True and quite a summery of life . like it a lot

by: kunal

its a awsome poem....i loved reading it!!!

a good poem
by: tanya

the best of all ur poems....its really very nice and as always true!!!!

It is excellent poem .
by: p .Kumar

I feel so spellbound reading her poem.
Really it is an outstanding piece, with such potential and having a creative nature of the highest standard. I hope more from her in future.

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