Life's A Beach

by Lefty Leviticus
(Honolulu, Hawaii USA)

I don't really get it when they say "Life's A Beach"
And how you can use it in anyway possible to teach
Life is a beach and I can agree with that
We all are pretty much at the beach as a matter of fact
As time went on I started to understand clearly
And tried to apply it to my life and ones I love so dearly
Some days we are just watching the perfect tides
Where life is just going smoothly one day at a time
Or having a lot of fun building sandcastles with family and friends
Those great memorable times when we don't want them to end
Or other days will be our first time in the water
Trying to adapt to the new life the world has to offer
Or maybe we were raised to swim but didn't like the ocean
Living under others expectations and just going through the motions
Maybe swimming along the tides that was too much for you to bare
Going through life alone and needing someone to be there
Or getting tossed and turned by the waves you're trying to catch
Feeling like the whole world is against you in a handicap match
Well whatever setting you are on at the beach
There is always someone or something in reach
Life is a beach with whatever reason
Sunrise, sunset everything has its season
Life is a beach and we all are living it
And the time will come where we all will watch the sunset

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