Light and Shade

by Lisa Thomson
(South Wales, UK)

I can't be with you,
Although my heart says yes,
My mind says no,
But I can't bring myself to let you go!

Holding you in my arms
Forever that I'd desire?
Not letting you fade into the night
If I had to die,
I'd walk with you in to the sunlight!
So be it if I were to catch fire

Knowing the pain, the fear that lay ahead!
Just being with you is light and shade
Without you my life would be good as dead!
Our love would be forever eternity
It would be passionate, existing and never fade

Take my hand and journey with me
Forever and never get old, sick or die
We would need to feed,
But on those who are not worthy!

I've betrayed Dracula!
I was chosen to deliver you to my master
But I cannot I've fallen for you
And I know I'd protect you from him
Your life with him would be a nightmare!
Your dreams would turn into screams!

I wont let that be
So take my hand
and I'll keep you away from harm
To live with each other for eternity
Together arm and arm.

The End

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