by Marie Bowers

Breaking waves rush against my bow,
paralyzing and pressuring decisions now.
Stability lingers on estimated will,
but such estimations require more skill.
A fight not to capsize,
or give in and lose pride.
A stern not built for such persistence,
instead settles for passive resistance.
An easy surrender,
to all the waves venture.
Running with the wind,
with all that life gives,
longing for the light,
that guides sailors safely through the night,
to the shore,
and nothing more.
There is no serenity in reaching land,
just a relief from the dizziness the waves demand.
Free from the rocking and the tilt,
relieving Poseidon and Neptune of their guilt.
Placing the blame where blame is due,
on those lost souls, searching for truth.
Eyes strain for your light.
Shine down and relieve me from this Hell’s Delight.

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