Lighting candles

by John Smallshaw

It was the cancer that did it
She hid it..
..but we knew.

Who can you blame?
Cancer's just a name plucked from the air.. landed in her.

Some you win and some you lose but I can't excuse..the pain it brought or the person it thought it had to seek out.
In tears I shout,
'why not me'

But she's free of it now..I buried her how..I don't know..
..and if I showed you what I feel..that would be admitting it's real
I stay quiet and still..pretend it's a dream..
..which might seem a bit strange..
..but the stillness might change any willingness to believe..
..that cancer could walk in and thieve her away.

There's no way I could cope if I didn't have hope..
..however forlorn.
I think that's the reason for me being born.

Life goes on.

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