Linnaeus, The Genius

by Ma. Gedd Isabel V. Adolfo
(Baton Rouge, LA, USA)

Carl Nelsson Linnaeus
A Swedish man so famous
His work proves he’s a genius
Isn’t this scientist so precious?

The father of modern taxonomy
The father of modern ecology
Whose work is known until today
Do you have something else to say?

A Swedish physician and botanist
A very well known zoologist
Founded the binomial nomenclature
How did his work affect our nature?

He came up with a so-called hierarchy
So living things are categorized systematically
Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family
Genus and Species complete the levels of taxonomy.

Humans are in Kingdom Animalia
And their Phylum is Cordata
They are under Class Mammalia
Did it help you tell about your mama?

Primates are their Order
Going to Hominidae as Family
Then towards Homo as Genus
With Sapiens as their Species.

Oh, Carl Nelsson Linnaeus
A true example of a genius
His work will always be known
To every human being ever born.

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Oct 28, 2016
by: Anonymous


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