listen to your heart

by toshi
(dimapur, nagaland, india)

our heart has a mind of its own and does things which may not be logical,
our heart doesn't care who you fall in love with,
It doesn't care if it's right or wrong,
it doesn't care if its good or bad for you,
it doesn't care when and where you meet that special someone,
it doesn't care if the person is younger or older than you,
it doest care if that person is available or not
it doesn't care if you a available or not,
all it cares about is the joy and excitement it gets when you meet that special someone and look into her/his eyes
all we can do is to hang on and hope that our heart don't do anything to get our hearts broken.
you only live once and it would be a tragedy if you don't listen to your heart,
because all our happiness and our emotions which makes us what we are starts from our heart.
and if our heart is pure and true, then nothing else matters.

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