by Anne P. Murray~LadeeAnne
(Birmingham, Alabama)

The little girl inside her
Walking through this world alone
She wasn’t just looking for some lover
She was looking for a home

She was looking for a place
To lay her weary head
Not just looking to lie down
In some stranger’s lustful bed

She was tired of all those strangers
With all their empty lines and ploys
Plotting out their lines lies
To use her body as some toy

This little girl so lost
A woman, sometimes a muse
But on the inside she’s frightened
She's so afraid of being used

So she puts on a facade
Pretending she’s so tough
Just try to treat her tender
Cuz’ she’ll try to call your bluff

She isn’t used to honest strangers
But men that played their games
So if you take her, take her gently
Cuz' her heart has been untamed

See the little girl lost
Pleading silently for help?
Knowing no one understands her
She doesn’t understand herself


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An amazing woman with a beautiful empathetic soul!
by: Anonymous

My amazing mother who I adore! You're beyond talented and the best mother in the world! I love you heart and soul!...

Your Green Stamp Girl,

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