Little Sister Poems

She has always looked up to you, even if you spent your high school years avoiding her!  Little Sister Poems is just one of our special collections that explore this extraordinary relationship.  Whether you still live together or are grown and live apart, your bond is solid and it is one of the foundations of your life.

Most of all, she is your best friend and you adore her.

So, despite the spats, the quarrels and the occasional tantrums, you were always there for one another.  What better way to let her know what she means to you than with endearing words just for her from the writers at My Word Wizard.

You're My Baby Sister

Yesterday, you were born;
Now you’re a teenage woman,
Stealing my makeup and my shirts.
Sometimes, I help with your hair.
It’s easier than the math you hate.
My heart aches too
When you cry after a bad date.
Getting older isn’t always
Fun and Games.
Often there’s
Disappointment and Pain.
No matter what
I’ll be at your side.
You are my baby sister.

I Came First...

There are four years between us
With me having the lead.
Still you never concede
That I came first
And I’m the best.
It’s a war of words we’ve always played.
With love, affection,
And crazy made up names.
We’re both grown
With families of our own.
Still I must remind you
I came first;
I am the best.
Sorry, sister,
Put it to rest.

God’s Gift

Your smile was mesmerizing.
You wobbled when you walked
Like a baby penguin,
Missing a step and trying again.
When you fell asleep,
The world went silent, and
The angels sang.
I treasured holding you
And rocking you to sleep.
Nothing ever felt so sweet
As your breath against my cheek.
I am ever grateful to God
For the gift of my baby sister.

My Baby Sister is Getting Married (humorous)

How happy I am for you.
You finally found a man
Desperate enough to wed you.

I’ll try and ignore his two heads
And the fact he must be dense.
I won’t even laugh during the ceremony
Or ask if he’s lost his sense.

Words aside, I want you to know
I am really happy for you, baby sister.
I’m happy for me too;
I can finally live alone
In my own home.

I Love You

Even though I’m older,
And we often see things differently,
There’s not a single thing
I would not do for you.
No matter where you are
And no matter what you do
I will always be here for you.
You’re my baby sister,
And I love you.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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